March 10, 2017

5 Reasons to Hop on a Kura Kura Bus When Visiting Bali

Bali, one of the world’s top vacation destinations, has so much to offer. It is teeming with historical sites, spectacular beaches, unique dining experiences, and limitless nightlife options. This stunning island in Indonesia also has a rich and interesting culture. All these, in addition to the relaxing yet vibrant atmosphere and local vibe, are the reasons why Bali is almost always included in many travellers’ bucket list.

With so many attractions to visit in and around Bali, many tourists may find the task of planning their Bali itinerary quite challenging. Those who are visiting the island for a limited time or with a limited budget may think the same as well.

Kura Kura Bus in Bali

If you are visiting Bali for a few days only or have to work with a tight budget, you should consider hopping on the Kura Kura bus. The shuttle service will bring you to all the top attractions in and around the island without putting a hole in your wallet. Below are the top reasons why you should ride the Kura Kura bus when in Bali.

Saves you lots of time and money

Bali is an amazing island and do you know what would make your adventure more exciting? The possibility of experiencing the best bits while saving time and money! While Bali is not an expensive destination, the top attractions are all over the island so going to each and every one of them might be a stretch. Sure, you can hire a taxi or a private car but that could easily blow your budget.

Luckily, the Kura Kura bus service has 8 different lines, each featuring different attractions, providing for unique and comprehensive opportunities to experience Bali. No matter which line you choose, the bus lets you cover more ground in less time. Even if you have a plane to catch later in the day, you can still squeeze in a few attractions. It will save your feet from a lot of walking, too.

Moreover, Kura Kura bus tickets are cheap. You can purchase affordable single-trip tickets or for even bigger savings, you can choose between 3 or 7-day passes. Single trip tickets cost as low as US$1.50 while the unlimited day passes start at US$11.26. You can purchase the tickets from the DFS bus bay and Kura Kura ticket booths.

Lets you experience Bali from a unique perspective

The buses move at a pace that will allow you to take in the most beautiful sights of Bali. You will be able to take lots of beautiful pictures during your leisurely exploration. Think of it as an opportunity to experience Bali like locals do.

The bus lines — Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Sanur, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, South Nusa Dua – feature the different facets of Bali from a unique vantage point and gives a slightly different perspective of its attractions.

Comfortable, convenient, less stressful, and safe

Kura Kura Bus in Bali, Indonesia

Kura Kura buses let you explore Bali in air-conditioned comfort. The buses are clean, spacious, and comfortable. They are also equipped with free Wifi, charging sockets, and an LCD screen playing videos about Bali. Therefore, you can just sit back and relax without having to worry about your gadgets running out of juice or not having enough mobile data for your social media updates as the bus ferries you from one Bali attraction to the next.

The Kura Kura bus also makes sightseeing in Bali less stressful. Even if you are not familiar with the place, you need not worry about missing your stop or getting lost as opposed to navigating the city on your own. You will have more time to plan the day ahead or attend to other things, which of course, makes the whole experience more rewarding.

The Kura Kura bus crew is trained with the Balinese brand of service and hospitality in mind. Whenever you board a Kura Kura bus, you are assured of your safety and covered by insurance as well.

Offers 8 lines to choose from

Kura Kura Bus Bali Route Map

There are 8 Kura Kura bus routes, and the services usually run from 7:30am to 11pm, depending on the line.

For those who want to shop, the Kuta Line stops at different hotels and shopping malls in Bali while taking the Legian line will bring you to Bali’s different dining and nightlife options. If you want a more laid-back experience, you can take the bus to Sanur, a popular seaside village in Bali.

But if you’re in the mood to check out Bali’s world-class resorts and spas, the place to be is Jimbaran, serviced by buses on the Jimbaran line. The coastal village is also where you’ll find Ayana Resort’s Rock Bar, the luxurious open-air bar overlooking the Indian Ocean that offers one of the world’s best sunset experiences. Additionally, very near the bus stops in this line are restaurants offering seafood and other succulent fare so you might want to check them out as well.

The Ubud line is the most popular of the Kura Kura bus services. Ubud, the island’s art and culture center, is a mountainous area that boasts cool temperatures, historical attractions, lush vegetation, and exotic wildlife.

A great way to kick off your Bali vacation

The Kura Kura bus provides a great overview of Bali, especially if it will be your first trip there. To make the most of your trip, consider purchasing a day pass, try different lines, and then choose which among the destinations or attractions you’ve been to are deserving of a second or third visit.

The Kura Kura bus is indeed a great way for you to experience Bali as you’ll get to see most of its amazing attractions. And since some of the lines intersect at designated stops, it is easy to switch lines and hop on and off to move from one destination to the next, adding spontaneity and more fun into your travels.

Ready for your immersive Bali adventure? Let the Kura Kura bus take you to Bali’s most popular sights and attractions!

By:  Brendelyn Balaga

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