January 20, 2021

6 Compelling Reasons to Visit Bali

If there’s one thing that ought to be at the top of your bucket list of places to see, it would have to be Bali. Known as the island of the gods, this Indonesian island has become the topic of globe trotters the last decades thanks to its bountiful natural sceneries and cultural uniqueness.

Bali is most popular for its fantastic white sand beaches, rich and diverse marine life, and well-appointed luxury villas and hotels. However, that’s not all there is to Bali. If you’re not so much into the beach, there is a lot more to experience on the island that will make you want to embrace it as your second home. Watched Eat, Pray, Love?

For anyone who has fallen in love with Bali, there is a specific reason for the way they feel about the place. And in this article, we will name six of the most compelling reasons we know to make you take that long-overdue trip to the island of the gods.

Interesting facts about Bali you may not know about

Let’s learn some unique and interesting facts about the island.

1. It’s a popular tourism destination

With the entire world aware of what a stunning island Bali is, it’s considered a tourism destination. As a matter of fact, 80% of the island’s economy is related to tourism, making tourism as its largest industry income-wise.

2. A new year that starts in silence

Unlike the rest of the world that welcomes the new year with a bang (literally and figuratively), Bali starts its own in silence. Called Nyepi, the first day of the new year restricts people on the streets and requires that noise and light are kept at a minimum. So whether you’re a local or a visitor, you have to observe their Nyepi.

3. Balinese babies are considered angels

During a Balinese baby’s first few months of life, their mothers carry them wherever they go so that they don’t touch the ground. This practice is due to the belief that babies are angels and their connection to the spirits is preserved by not letting them touch the ground. Of course, they hold a big ceremony for them to commemorate the day when they can already touch the earth.

Reasons to visit Bali

1. Sun, sea, and sand

Bali: beautiful sun, sand, and sea

There is no doubt that Bali’s sun, sea, and sand are its strongest attractions that bring in hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Remember that Bali is an island with some of the world’s most amazing shorelines. From Seminyak to Padang Padang Beach, which was featured in Eat, Pray, Love, to the Keramas, Legian, and Kuta beaches, there is something for you that you will really enjoy.

2. Beautiful countryside

sunrise over the fields

Unlike other islands that only take pride in their beaches, Bali has a different side to it that tourists shouldn’t miss. With a consistently warm and humid temperature all year through and an average daily temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, Bali guarantees you a beautiful visit whatever time of the year. You can take guided tours around the island that will show you the beautiful Balinese Hindu temples, family-filled villages, and even volcanic craters. Whether you take a trip aboard a van, a bike, or a helicopter, the sights are truly impressive.

3. Hiking on a volcano

Bali: person standing on the top of the mountain with wonderful views of the sunrise

Bali’s active volcano, Mount Batur, is another one of the island’s highlights, which you can climb with a reputable guide. You don’t have to be a professional climber to conquer its 5,633-foot peak in a little over two hours. And if you want to make the experience extra special, climb the volcano at dawn to see the magnificent sunrise. However, if climbing the volcano is too much for you, you can opt to visit a local village instead where you can admire the views of the volcano.

4. Have some coffee

a line of various types of coffee

In case you didn’t know, Bali is a huge coffee exporter thanks to its warm-weather mountainous location along the equator. You can visit Kintamani where much of the coffee is grown, specifically between two active volcanoes, by small-scale farmers.

It is also here where you can taste what the world has branded as the world’s most expensive coffee—luwak coffee. This special type of coffee is made from partially-digested coffee cherries that have travelled through a civet’s digestive tract. The coffee has a grainy taste and a dense texture.

5. A captivating culture

Bali: beautiful lady observing a ritual

More than Bali’s visual treats, you can experience a different kind of culture on the island. It is one of the islands in the country with the most ceremonies and celebrations spread throughout the year. Don’t miss the Omed-Omedan Kissing Festival, the monster parade before Nyepi Day, and every single one of Bali’s dance and music festivals.

6. Interesting and lively religion

Bali: men in white in prayer

Balinese people are predominantly Hindus. It’s common to find a small temple in their houses where they pray every day. When you go on an island tour in Bali, you’ll be fascinated at the number of temples that can be found here, especially because these temples have been around for centuries. There’s even a temple that’s believed to help married couples conceive a child.

Bali is definitely worth your time. With an interesting culture and religion, beautiful beaches, and a spectacular countryside, what else is there to look for?

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