February 23, 2021

7 Kid-Friendly Attractions to Try in Hong Kong

There is really something about Hong Kong that lures people from all over the world. Just at the mention of its name, varied thoughts come to mind, including fun, adventure, sightseeing, memories, and experience. And yes, Hong Kong has become synonymous with Disneyland, especially for people in the East. Fortunately, this beautiful and modern-day Chinese urban jungle isn’t only famous for having the ‘happiest place on earth’. In fact, there are a myriad of kid-friendly attractions to try in Hong Kong. So, if you’re thinking about taking the kids on a vacation to this beautiful city, do read on.

Kid-friendly attractions to try in Hong Kong

Don’t be deceived by the small area of Hong Kong because it is host to numerous sights that you and the kids won’t ever want to miss.

1. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

the Avenue of the Stars at dusk

During the day, this place brims with locals and tourists who want to see the harbour and the Avenue of the Stars as well as the statue of Bruce Lee. But the true beauty of the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade is revealed at night. As the clock strikes 8PM, you will witness the city’s biggest visual spectacle as light beams from 44 buildings on either side of the Victoria Harbour come on. Of course, the lights are accompanied by music to create the perfect audio-visual entertainment. Your kids will surely be amazed by the lights show and will want to see it again on another night.

2. Hong Kong Science Explorer

kid-friendly attractions in Hong Kong: a kid using a magnifying glass for his experiment

Who says fun and learning can’t go together? One of the kid-friendly attractions in Hong Kong that also let the kids learn at the same time is the Hong Kong Science Explorer. With its aim to share with the public the latest in science and technology, it’s the perfect place to let your kids learn and discover more about science in an interactive way. Be taken on a fun and enjoyable science tour around the attraction’s many interactive sections. Entrance is free, so you shouldn’t hesitate to bring your family to the Hong Kong Science Explorer. It’s located in the Enterprise Place, Hong Kong Science Park.

3. Hong Kong Observation Wheel

kid-friendly attractions in Hong Kong: the Hong Kong observation wheel

Not all cities have observation wheels, but Hong Kong prides itself with its own giant Ferris Wheel. Hop aboard and watch your kids be in awe of the beautiful sights of the city from the top. Enjoy 20 minutes of awe-inspiring views, especially when you do it during the golden hour when the sunlight strikes over the skyscrapers or during the Symphony of Lights. The wheel rotates three times, giving you the chance to imbibe the amazing views of the city, harbour, and beyond.

4. Hong Kong International Hobby and Toy Museum

kid-friendly attractions in Hong Kong: a monster toy on the table

If you’re a toy lover, then this is the perfect place for you and your kids to visit. As one of the kid-friendly attractions in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong International Hobby and Toy Museum features a collection of hundreds of toys. The place is recognised as the only museum in the world that’s devoted to the study, restoration, preservation, and display of hobby and toy items. However, as the place is privately run, you can’t expect it to be too grand. But hey, the kids are only after seeing the toy collections, not the interior design so that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

5. Monopoly Dreams

kid-friendly attractions in Hong Kong: a Monopoly boardgame

Love playing the world-famous Monopoly game? Visit the Monopoly Dreams, the first Monopoly-themed attraction located inside The Peak Galleria. Here, you’ll be taken to the residence of Mr. Monopoly via an elevator. The place features seven themed areas like Jail, Water Works, and more with 4DX technology and holograms. Aside from having access to Monopoly-themed snacks, you can also play the spin-the-wheel game to bring home a prize.

6. Disneyland

Mickey Mouse-shaped balloons in the air

We can never miss suggesting a visit to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. It’s not just for kids but also for the young at heart. Meet Mickey and the gang as they entertain you in the park’s streets, rides, and food stalls. Best of all, you can reach Disneyland by MTR to the Disneyland Resort station.

7. Character dim sum

kid-friendly attractions in Hong Kong: cute character dim sum buns

Of course, after all the fun and adventure, you need to know where to go for a feast. Make sure to take the kids to enjoy some character dim sum. We include this among the kid-friendly attractions in Hong Kong because it gives your children an ‘entertaining’ kind of meal. There are numerous restaurants around Hong Kong that feature this dim sum.


There you go! So now, you can enjoy an amazing time with your kids in Hong Kong!


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