August 12, 2020

City Guide: Around Perth and Its Must-see Attractions

Perth is another one of the cities in Australia that you should come and see. Many tourists and travellers who have come here attest to its unique beauty and relaxed vibe. Though considered one of the most isolated capital cities in the world, it definitely continues to attract visitors through its material and natural wealth. It boasts the magnificent Swan River and its pearly beaches, making it the perfect playground for outdoor adventures like sailing, swimming, boating, and fishing.

One of the special things that we love most about Perth is its being ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world, alongside Melbourne. And despite being dotted with skyscrapers, its atmosphere is still relaxed as evidenced by its stylish boutiques, idyllic and fine restaurants, art galleries and museums, and a lot more. Coming here will definitely keep your itinerary busy with everything you will ever wish to see.

The City of Fremantle

Perth: One of the old structures in Fremantle

Located only 30 minutes from the city of Perth is Fremantle, a place long been renowned for its eclectic blend of arty and alternative types. Walking in its streets lets you see buskers and sidewalks that brim with collections of art. You’ll be walking to the beat of the music that emanates from the cafes and bars.

Among the must-sees in the city are the ‘Cappuccino Strip’, South Terrace, and Wray Avenue that are dotted with cafes. Then, there are also microbreweries where you can taste some of the most delicious amber ales. Interestingly, Fremantle’s cuisine is a multicultural mix of Italian, Asian, and Indian influences. There are numerous pizza and pasta restaurants all around the city, as well as popular seafood restaurants all over its Fishing Boat Harbour.

Rottnest Island

sandy way to the beach in Rottnest Island

If you love the feel of sand flowing between your toes, then, visit Rottnest Island and experience its abundant marine life. Its locals affectionately call it Rotto because it is where they can go for swimming in clear and calm waters. And since it is a car-free zone, the air is fresh, and you can get to exercise since the bicycle is the only way to get around the island.

The list of places to visit in Perth just goes on. But if you really want to explore the best of it given your limited number of days of stay here, then, we have the following list to guide you with where you should go.

Top attractions not to be missed in Perth

1. Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Perth: The glass bridge in the Kings Botanic Garden

The Kings Park and Botanic Garden is situated right in the middle of Perth and makes for a great escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. The Botanic Garden is home to more than 3,000 plant species that are indigenous to Western Australia. Don’t miss to see the giant boab tree that’s about 750 years old. Every September, the place hosts a free festival that displays the famed wildflowers of the state. But if you can’t come here for that, you can definitely enjoy the sight of the year-round Federation Walkway, which is a 620-metre path that leads to the spectacular 222-metre-long glass and steel sky bridge over a canopy of hundreds of eucalyptus trees.

2. The Bell Tower

If you have a knack for history and historical landmarks, then, the Bell Tower is one stop you shouldn’t miss. It contains the royal bells of London’s St Martin-in-the-Fields, characterised by a pointy glass spire that’s fronted by copper sails. Climbing to the top offers you magnificent, 260-degree views over Perth.

3. Perth Zoo

A huge tortoise in the Perth Zoo walking on the grass

Whether you have kids in tow or not, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to visit Perth Zoo. It’s an exciting ferry ride across the Swan River from Elizabeth Quay Jetty with many zones that will surely fascinate and entertain visitors of all ages. Meet the kangaroos, koalas, and emus in the Australian Bushwalk, Aussie snakes in the Reptile Encounter, blue-billed ducks and black swans in the Australian Wetlands, and giraffes, lions, and elephants in the zoo.

4. Elizabeth Quay

Perth: A nice sunny day in Elizabeth Quay

One important spot to visit in Perth is Elizabeth Quay, which is part of the redevelopment efforts of the city. Here, you can find cosy waterfront restaurants and bars, luxury hotels and apartments, bus port, train station, and ferry terminal. Don’t miss the chance to cross the spectacular Elizabeth Quay pedestrian bridge and splash in the water park.

5.Fremantle Prison

Perth: facade of the Fremantle Prison at daytime

As we already mentioned earlier, Fremantle is just nearby Perth, so you should include a day tour here to see its many sites, including the Fremantle Prison.

This old, convict-era prison dominates Fremantle with its forbidding 5-metre-high walls. There are numerous day tours available that let you into the jail’s maximum-security past, see the solitary-confinement cells, and discover what goes on in a criminal’s mind.

6. Hyde Park

Perth: brown and green leaves near the lake in Hyde Park

Hyde Park is, without a doubt, one of Perth’s most beautiful parks. If you just want to have a relaxed and laidback day in the city, it’s the perfect place to be. Just bring a book, a crossword puzzle, or a camera to capture the amazing scenery here. Enjoy a picnic on the lawn just as the fountains flow. You can also trace the path along a split lake where Moreton Bay figs provide shade. Of course, it’s also for children who can enjoy playing in the playground or in the water park.

7. Perth Mint

Statue of a man melting gold in the Perth Mint

Interested in Perth’s Mint? Visit Perth Mint and be in awe to see collections of nuggets, coins, and gold bars that date from 1899. You can mint your own coins, caress bullion that’s over $700,000, and even watch gold pours. And, of course, you can’t miss the Mint’s Gold Exhibition featuring a Guinness World Record-holding 1 tonne gold coin! Mind you, it’s valued at $60 million.

8. Fremantle Markets

Perth: unique and colourful bracelets on sale at the Fremantle markets

Souvenir shopping is always a huge part of every vacation or excursion. Whenever in Fremantle, make sure to explore the Fremantle Markets, which were first opened in 1897. These were reopened in 1975 and continue to attract crowds who are souvenir-hunting up to today. It’s become the hub for younger artists and designers to feature their creations. There is also a fresh produce area where you can go for supplies, as well as a food court that offers tonnes of global street eats.

9. Swan Valley

Luscious green grapes in the vineyard of Swan Valley

Swan Valley offers a great respite from the city’s atmosphere where you can indulge in gourmet food, great wines, and amazing river scenery. As the place that kick-started Perth’s wine industry, Swan Valley offers wine tours and food outlets that deserve a check. In fact, there are also numerous wine tours by car or coach that follow the food and wine trail. Make sure to visit wineries and award-winning vineyards, see heritage buildings, learn about colonial history, and buy a beer at one of the boutique breweries.

10. Perth Cultural Centre

The old fire station in Perth

If you want to experience all things cultural—events, art, collections, and activities, then, the Perth Cultural Centre should be at the top of the list. Situated under one roof are exhibition spaces and the key cultural institutions of Western Australia such as the Western Australian Museum, the Art Gallery of Western Australia, and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. Of course, you can also browse books at no less than the State Library of Western Australia.

These are just among our favourite spots in Perth. Believe us, we wanted to stay longer in the city and experience it more. There were still a lot of stones that we left unturned, and coming back here is definitely in our future plans!

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