June 8, 2020

City Guide: Experience Langkawi’s Best in Just 3 Days

Looking for a dose of tropical adventure in one of the world’s hottest tourist destinations? Our hot here can mean literal high temperatures and a super gorgeous vacation destination that suits all ages! We highly recommend a trip to the famous, small archipelago in Malaysia called Langkawi for an experience that’s like no other.

Langkawi is definitely a breath of fresh air and a cool break from the usual hustle and bustle of metropolitan life. Located off the northwestern coast of Malaysia and composed of 99 small islands, it is closer to Thailand than it is to the mainland. Though small in size, it isn’t small on tropical adventure and fun, especially with its limestone karsts, white sand beaches, waterfalls, diverse culture, and excellent cuisine and flavours. Langkawi is definitely one of the best and fastest-growing tourist destinations in Southeast Asia and the world.

Best time to visit Langkawi

Langkawi’s weather is consistently hot and humid all-year-round, characterised by occasional clouds and rains. Its location strategically secures it from major storms and winds with the mainland and Sumatra on either side. Its climate is consistent so visiting any time of the year is a great opportunity to experience its real beauty. However, many tourists opt to visit between November and April where a good balance of light rainfall and sunshine can be experienced. With temperatures floating between 30 and 35 degrees, you can enjoy sightseeing and staying outdoors more comfortably. The sun shines all day till the afternoon, which makes for excellent diving and snorkelling adventures.

In terms of how long you should stay in Langkawi, 5 to 7 days is perfect. However, with budget and time constraints, three days is good enough as long as you plan each day with the sites and activities to do and visit.

This is why we recommend this 3-day itinerary in Langkawi that lets you cover the most important highlights of the archipelago. You can make tweaks to it when you arrive there since this is a suggestion that you can definitely develop and improve.

Ready? Here is our 3-day city guide of Langkawi.

Day 1 Kuah, Langkawi Eagle Square, Pantai Cenang, Pantai Tengah

aerial view of Kuah

From the mainland, you’ll arrive in Langkawi through Kuah, which is its ‘main city’. It’s hardly a city based on most standards but it’s the most populated place here, making it the perfect spot to start your exploration.

After settling in your hotel, waste no time and head out to explore Kuah. The moment you get out and start wandering, you’ll realize that it is a duty-free, holiday destination with large shopping malls and shops. Stuff here is cheaper than in Malaysia so you should take the chance to try out everything you want, but be sure to be safe.

Langkawi: Aerial view of Eagle Square

In the heart of Kuah, you can find tons of local restaurants, beautiful shorefront gardens and promenade, and the enormous eagle statue that overlooks the bay.

Then, you must take a trip to Pantai Cenang, the longest and most popular beach in Langkawi. It’s common to find tourists crowded in this area because this where the famous high-end hotels and bars are located. But unlike most popular Asian beach destinations, Pantai Cenang is much quieter and more peaceful.

sunny day on the white beach of Pantai Cenang in Langkawi

You can also go to Pantai Tengah since it is only a taxi ride away. It is much less developed and quieter than Pantai Cenang, so it’s perfect for lounging on the beach and watching the beautiful sunset.

Rocks on Pantai Tengah

Day 2 Langkawi Sky Bridge, Waterfalls, and Night Market

A shot from the Sky Bridge

Get ready for an adventure-filled second day in Langkawi as you head to the Langkawi Sky Bridge early in the morning to avoid huge crowds. You’ll be in awe to see this engineering marvel that lets visitors literally walk between the mountains. To get there, you will ride on a cable car that takes you to the viewing platform. Mind you, it extends out from the peak of the second tallest mountain in Langkawi at 700 metres above the ground. Beneath your feet is the dense jungle canopy and in front of you are unparalleled views of nature. In fact, you can clearly see the islands of Thailand to the north.

After a knee-jerking exploration of the sky bridge, you can take the cable car back down to the base for some delicious, local street food every tourist should try. There are stalls found by the entrance and the food choices are endless.

Afterwards, your activity will be to enjoy catching waterfalls. Langkawi is not only brimming with beaches but also with glorious waterfalls. You should first visit the Seven Wells, which is considered as the best of them all, since it is located only at the corner of the Sky Bridge. If you were keen enough during your cable car ride, you might have already seen it along the way.

The Seven Wells has two main viewing areas—the top of the waterfall and the drop. At the top, you will understand how it got its name, which is actually because of the seven natural swimming pools there.

Beautiful Seven Wells in Langkawi

Then, move to the two next waterfalls, the Temurun Waterfall and the Durian Perangin Waterfall.

To cap the day, it’s time to enjoy more of Langkawi’s delicious cuisine through its night food market. It’s never a complete excursion of Langkawi without it.

The night market is available seven days a week and offers the best opportunity to taste the best local delicacies in the archipelago. However, you’ll need to check where it will be held because it changes locations every night, except on Wednesdays and Saturdays when it’s held in Kuah. Try their Karipap or Malay Style Curry Puffs, which are flaky and savoury pastries filled with chicken or potato. Then, there’s also the Char Kuey Teow, a dish made of wide rice noodle with a charred and smoky flavour. Don’t fail to try their mango shake, Apom Balik or Crispy Stuffed Pancake, Dorayaki, sate, and Murtabak or Roti Packet.

Langkawi's street food at the night market

Day 3 Island Hopping, Tanjung Rhu, and Kilim Geoforest Park

umbrella and two beach chairs in Tanjung Rhu

Langkawi isn’t an archipelago for nothing. So on your third day here, make sure to go island hopping to experience the best of Langkawi.

Heat out to Pulau Dayang Bunting to take a swim in its freshwater lake. Around here, you’ll get to see hundreds of eagles like the statue in Kuah, which represents the island.

Then, proceed to Tanjung Rhu where you can relax on white sands located on the island’s north. While lazing here, you can admire the limestone karsts and views of the other islands.

Your last stop is the Kilim Geoforest Park found on the northeast side of the island. Enjoy taking a leisurely walk on the boardwalk as you feel the cool breeze of the place. You can also take a boat ride along the winding rivers that lace in between the trees. It never fails to fascinate visitors as this is a protected area that’s one of Langkawi’s most beautiful.

Langkawi: day view of Kilim Geoforest Park

There you go with your 3-day excursion in Langkawi. You won’t go wrong with a visit to the place because it’s beautiful with a calm atmosphere. If you can stay more than three days, then, you’ll have more opportunities to enjoy its offerings that are truly fascinating.

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