February 16, 2021

The Best Times to Visit Rome

Rome—the Eternal City. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit that offers a beautiful combination of history, sights, and tastes. Anyone who has been here can attest to its allure and glorious beauty that is characterized by historical structures and unique architecture. Being the seat of Roman Catholicism, Rome is visited by people from all walks of life. And if you’re thinking about visiting Rome, you need to know the best times to visit Rome to make your excursion one of the best you’ve ever had.

Best times to visit Rome: For sightseeing

the Trevi Fountain without any visitors

What can be a better time to go sightseeing in Rome than during the spring? The time outside of Easter week, specifically between March and April, offers a good experience for going around the city and enjoying the magnificent sights of its white marble structures. During this time, the temperatures are comfortably warm, and the crowds aren’t as many as those in the coming months. Aside from this time, other best times to visit Rome are the months of September, October, and early November since the heat in the city is replaced by comfortable daytime temperatures.

It’s important to know that August is the month to avoid coming here because the locals are on holiday at this time and international travel is at its peak. Also, it would be best to visit the museums from Tuesdays through Fridays since the museums are closed on Mondays.

Best times to visit Rome: To avoid crowds

best times to visit Rome: the centre of Rome with a huge crowd gathering

Rubbing elbows with other people can be fun when you’re at the club, but it’s not quite how we want to spend our excursion in Rome. To avoid the crowds, you should come to the city during the winter months, specifically in January and February. Though it can be busy as Valentine’s Day draws near, there is much more space to move around the city, and you might get the chance to enjoy the Trevi Fountain without many other tourists around it. Also, it’s best to go sightseeing during the weekdays instead of on the weekends.

Best times to visit Rome: For shopping

best times to visit Rome: bags hung for sale at the market

Rome is a good place for a shopping spree. But given the fact that hundreds of thousands of tourists come here each year, you can expect large crowds. So, it’s best to go shopping in Rome after the holiday season ends up until mid-February. Imagine the winter sales at outlets, mom-and-dad shops, and shopping malls. There will be locals from all over Italy, of course, but that would be better than having more tourists, right? These sales are a great way to find great clothing and larger Italian shoes for men. Unlike sightseeing, Sunday is a fantastic day to go shopping and bargain hunting at the Mercatino del Borghetto Flaminio where you can find almost 200 sellers offering castoffs from wealthy locals.

Best times to visit Rome: To see the Vatican

best times to visit Rome: the Vatican at night

One of the most important and well-visited sites in all of Italy and the world, the Vatican attracts millions of people. Thus, if you want to come here and fully immerse in the atmosphere, you should choose the winter months because there’s not a lot of people around. You’ll get the chance to cover more ground and see more of the sights. However, if you want to visit the Vatican museums, keep in mind that they are closed on Sundays, except on the last Sunday of every month when the place is open and free for all visitors. Since it’s free, you can expect larger crowds and longer queues (at least 3 hours). The best day of the week for this? Come on a Wednesday while the Pope does his audience.

Best times to visit Rome: Peak season

best times to visit Rome: a cone of gelato being raised

The peak season in Rome is during the months of June, July, and August when people are taking their holidays during the summer break. During this time, make sure that you’re ready to face large crowds and long queues at popular sites. Though there is a possibility of rain, it is unlikely, making this time of the year ideal for dining at outdoor cafes, sightseeing, and enjoying some delicious gelato.

Other times that are popular with tourists are spring and fall. Between March and April is the Holy Week, a particularly popular and important celebration of Catholics. So, expect to see Rome get extremely busy.

There are many options when it comes to the best times to visit Rome. But whatever the month or season you come here, the allure and glorious beauty of the Eternal City remains true. So, the next time you think about coming here, consider these times to have an amazing time in Rome!

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