July 13, 2017

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit Dubai this Year

Ambitious, glitzy, and glamourous. Dubai is a travel destination you should visit. It entices and intrigues many. Over the last two decades, it has become a travel and business hub, and continues to attract billions in investments annually.

There is no dull moment in Dubai. A haven for shoppers, it is home to ultra-modern shopping malls that promise a designer shopping experience that’s second to none. This global city also boasts mega structures that ranks high among engineering and architecture’s greatest feats.

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit Dubai this Year - Dubai Marina

This city of glass and steel is also home to the world’s tallest skyscrapers, an opulent marina, luxurious resorts and hotels, and a world-class, fully automated urban rail system that features underground and elevated sections. Beyond its luxurious hotels, mega malls, and glistening skyscrapers, this financial oasis is also known for its vibrant and dynamic art, food, and nightlife scene. It is truly an exciting place to visit because there’s always something fun happening in addition to new and cool things to try.

There are so many things about Dubai that delights travellers and if you’ve never been to this wonderful place, here are the top 6 reasons why you should visit Dubai this year.

Dubai has the world’s most beautiful cityscapes

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit Dubai this Year - Burj Khalifa

Dubai has the world’s tallest skyscrapers, among them the 828-metre tall Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on the planet.  There’s also Burj Al Arab, a stunning sail-shaped  building, is the world’s third tallest hotel. No matter where you are in Dubai, there are man-made structures to gawk at, making for an impressive tableau of modern architectural gems.

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit Dubai this Year - Burj Al Arab

Dubai is a multicultural city

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit Dubai this Year - Multicultural Population in Dubai

With a burgeoning expat population consisting of hundreds of different nationalities, Dubai is one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities. The city’s expats brought with them their home country’s culture and traditions, along with them different kinds of festivals and celebrations. There is a cultural event waiting to be experienced regardless what time of the year you are visiting.

Dubai is a foodie’s paradise

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit Dubai this Year - Chicken Mandi - Dubai Cuisine

Due to its multicultural population, Dubai has a bustling food and restaurant scene. There are hundreds of eateries and restaurants specialising in local and international cuisine to choose from so the foodie in you will be spoilt for choice. Furthermore, there is a wide range of food festivals to look forward to each year.

Dubai has a thriving art and design scene

For art and design buffs, Dubai has several art districts and galleries to explore like Alserkal Avenue and Dubai Design District. It is also host to many art- and design-related festivals and events, among them Art Dubai and Design Days.

Dubai is home to the world’s largest man-made island

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit Dubai this Year - Palm Jumeira

Built over 5 years, Dubai’s Palm Jumeira is the largest man-made island on the planet. Considered one of Dubai’s iconic symbols, this attraction features numerous multi-million dollar residential buildings and luxurious 5-star hotels and resorts, including the Atlantis The Palm, home to the most expensive – $25,000 a night – hotel suite in the world.

Dubai is a shopper’s dream destination

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit Dubai this Year - Dubai Gold Souq

Home to mega malls, including the largest one in the world, Dubai is a shopper’s haven. There are countless mid-end and high-end retail stores to choose from plus a much-awaited shopping festival to participate in.

Aside from its gigantic malls, shoppers can also head to the city’s souks for a more traditional shopping fix. For those looking to buy inexpensive gold jewellery, find your way to the Deira Gold Souk in Al Dhagaya and put your haggling skills to the test.

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By:  Brendelyn Balaga

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