January 30, 2021

Tips for Having the Perfect Holiday in Paris

PARIS. There’s just something about this city that simply hearing its name brings about wonderful thoughts about lights, romance, passion, and love. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because Paris is the ‘City of Light’s for obvious reasons. It’s easy to find beautiful stories of people who have come here and experienced the allure and vibrancy of this modern city.

Paris harmoniously combines historical structures with contemporary art, fashion, and destinations. Anyone who has been here can attest to its stunning atmosphere that is unique only to this city. Whether you’re coming to Paris for a business trip or a holiday, it’s worth knowing these interesting tips to help you make the most of your stay.

Ready? Here are ways to have the perfect holiday in Paris

Tips for the perfect holiday in Paris

1. Get a hold of museum passes

Monuments in the city

We all know how Parisians revere the world of art, right? And here in Paris, you will see numerous museums that are all worth your time. Even if you like spontaneity on your holiday, you can make it even more productive and worthwhile by planning ahead of time the places that you want to see. There are passes that let you into two or three museums, while there are also those that take you to 50 museums and monuments throughout the city. You’ll get to see the Mona Lisa, collections of Vincent Van Gogh, Musee de l’Orangerie, and a lot more.

These passes won’t just give you access to the museums with some of the world’s greatest works of art, but it will also let you skip the queues and save you time.

2. Never miss the open markets

Paris: items sold in the markett

If you think of Paris as only having catwalks, fashion week, and international boutiques, you’re quite wrong because it also has numerous open markets around the city. Here, you can get yourself a nice, unique souvenir like jewelries, trinkets, and everything else you can ever think of getting. Of course, you can also have a taste of some of Paris’s most famous sweets and treats while interacting with the locals.

3. Keep your translator handy

Paris: tourist is going around and exploring the items in the market

Italy is a modern city with an open culture. However, not everyone here speaks English. Unless you can speak basic or fluent French, you need to keep your translator handy, which is useful when ordering food at a restaurant, getting a taxi, or asking the locals for some recommendations. You can get a pocket guide or download a translator app on your smartphone. And when you do, it’s important to choose one that works offline; otherwise, you’ll need to have mobile data throughout your holiday in Paris.

4. Join group tours to the Eiffel Tower

Paris: The Eiffel Tower in the early morning

You know that the one place that people flock to whenever they go to Paris is the world-famous Eiffel Tower. In case you didn’t know, people stand in line for hours and even the entire day to enter the tower! So, if you value your time, do join any of the group tours to skip the queues. More than that, doing so lets you into some historic facts while meeting new people. Isn’t that just wonderful?

5. Love the wine

Paris: two glasses of wine with cheese on the table

One of the other famous things people come to Paris for is its vineyards. Yes, it may sound romantic and iconic—wines in the middle of the vineyard. However, the reality is that many of these are actually far from the city (hey, have you ever seen any vineyard in the middle of Paris?), which means that you’re going to need an entire day to fully immerse in the wine-tasting experience. Also, it’s pricey.

So, what should you do instead? Find a local chateau that includes wine tastings and meal pairings. They’re accessible and offer the same wines but only without the view of the vineyards. More interestingly, why not enjoy a champagne cruise down the beautiful Seine River?

6. Go for a rental house than a hotel

Paris: girl sitting with her dog by the window

Hotels are easier to book, but for a different kind of experience, why not book a rental house? Get an apartment or a transient house that is fully-equipped with kitchen amenities so that you can feel like locals. It’s an ideal experience for families or groups of friends coming to Paris. So, you can do some grocery shopping and cook your own food, go out or decide to stay in, and just have more space than you would at a hotel room.

7. Enjoy a picnic

Paris: a couple picnicking on the grass by the Eiffel Tower

Again, whether you are with your family, friends, or on your honeymoon, a picnic should be scheduled while in Paris. This is one of the locals’ favourite activities where you can just take a basket filled with food and wine (local ones of course) and just sit on the grass while enjoying the summer sun (rethink this in the winter).

Actually, there are so many things that you can do to make your Paris holiday amazing! Be creative!

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