November 11, 2016

Top Ten Things to Do in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand’s largest island, is the perfect destination if you’re in the mood for a sunny island getaway. Located 860 kilometres away from Bangkok, the mountainous island is highly popular for its white sand beaches, receiving millions of local and foreign visitors each year.

While the rich and the affluent may flock to Phuket solely for its luxurious spas and world-class resorts, a huge chunk of vacationers travel to Phuket because it’s a very affordable travel destination offering a plethora of fun, exciting, and interesting activities and attractions. However, with the sheer number of options and factors to consider, Phuket can be very overwhelming, and one can easily get lost in all the energy and excitement.

So if you’re travelling to Phuket for the first time, here’s a condensed list of the top 10 things to do during your trip.

1. Marvel at the beauty of the Big Buddha.

Big Buddha

Probably Phuket’s most popular landmark, the Big Buddha is a 45-metre tall monument that’s perched on top of Nakkerd Hills. The site offers visitors breathtaking panoramic views of Phuket and definitely well worth a visit. Hire a car or a taxi for your trip because walking to the site is not recommended as the climb is quite steep.

2. Discover Phuket’s many snorkeling spots.

Boasting of clean and clear waters, a handful of Phuket’s beaches are great for snorkeling. For the best snorkeling experience, head to Ao Sane, Laem Singh Beach, Kata Noi, Paradise Beach, and Yanui. These snorkeling spots make for an incredible day at the beach and give you the opportunity to spot beautiful marine animals and gorgeous coral reef formations.

3. Indulge in delectable Thai cuisine.

Moo Ping

Dining on Phuket street food is one of the cheapest ways to enjoy Thai cuisine. Yummy and dirt-cheap, street food abounds in Phuket and you will be clearly spoilt for choices. Vendors selling anything from fruits to noodles to skewered treats practically ooze out from every nook and cranny! Must-trys are moo ping, khao niao, kanom jeen, papaya salad, and look chin.

4. Explore Old Town Phuket.

Old Town Phuket

If you’re looking for a cultural sightseeing experience during your vacation, head to Old Town Phuket. Check out the town’s oldest streets that are dotted with shops and 19th century mansions featuring Sino-Portuguese architecture. There are a number of noteworthy museums and local restaurants in the area as well.

5. Shop at the local markets.

For a fun and shopping experience, do not forget to check out Phuket’s local markets and bazaars, especially the Phuket Weekend Market (or Naka Market), the island’s answer to Bangkok’s Chatuchak. The weekend market is a great place to shop for clothing, accessories, souvenirs, and even second-hand goods. There’s also a food section so you can eat to your heart’s content after your shopping adventure.

6. Get a relaxing traditional Thai foot massage.

Traditional Thai Foot Massage

One of the best things about Phuket (and the rest of Thailand) is that you can have a relaxing Thai massage for pennies! You can get a Thai foot massage at salons, in spas, at the beach, and even on side streets. One thing you need to know about Thai massage therapists is that they surely know how to knead and pamper tired feet. They give such good massages that you’d probably want to add an extra half-hour. A foot massage generally costs 7 USD in an hour.

7. Visit Wat Chalong.

Wat Chalong

Another can’t miss during your trip is Wat Chalong, the largest and the most important Buddhist temple in Phuket. Located in the Mueang District, the temple features images of Buddha as well as statues and other religious relics. Locals and tourists visit the temple to pray so be sure to wear observe proper temple etiquette when visiting.

8. Experience the pulsating Phuket nightlife.

To sample Phuket’s pulsating nightlife, check out the nightlife scenes at Patong, Phuket Town, Kata, Kamala Beach, Bangtao, and Karon. For all-night partying, head to Bangla Road, right smack in the middle of Patong, a 400-metre strip awash with bars, clubs, and pubs that open as soon as the sun sets until the wee hours of the morning.

9. Enjoy the spectacular view at Kata Karon Viewpoint

Another must-visit tourist attraction in Phuket is the Kata Karon Viewpoint. Offering spectacular views of Kata Noi, Kata Yai, and Karon beaches, it is one of the most popular viewpoints in the island. It is a nice pit stop if you want to take pictures of Phuket’s coastline.

10. Embark on a trip to Phang Nga Bay

One of the things you have to experience during your Phuket Trip is a boat trip to Phang Nga Bay and see for yourself the extraordinary beauty of its karst islands, caves, and lagoons. A tour of the bay will also take you to the famous James Bond Island, one of the film locations of the 1974 hit James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun,” starring Roger Moore.

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By: Brendelyn Balaga

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